About Mountain Flights

Experience the Himalayas like you’ve never seen them before; at eye level. With a mountain flight, you can marvel at the morning rays glancing off the highest peaks in the world, skimming across glacial valleys, and sparkling like a crown on the roof of the world.

All the peaks you’ve heard about, such as: Everest (8,850m), Lhotse (8,516m), Nuptse (7,855m), Ama Dablam (6,815m), Dhaulagiri (8,167m), Langtang (7,234m) and Gauri-Shankar (7,181m) can be viewed from this flight, at eye level. You can also enjoy views of high altitude lakes and colossal glaciers.

The Langtang Range,  seen here rising above the early morning mist and cloud cover, will be the first and last peaks you see on your flight. 

The Langtang Range,  seen here rising above the early morning mist and cloud cover, will be the first and last peaks you see on your flight. 

The crew onboard each flight will be available to point out and name the peaks as you pass by, so you will know the names of everything you are seeing.

About MountainFlight.com

Himalayan mountain flights have for a long time been operated by individual airlines and companies. At mountainflight.com, we bring these individual companies together, giving you all the information you need, and a simple, intuitive booking process. It can’t get easier than this!

About zenNepal.com

Mountainflights.com is brought to you by Zen Nepal. We have been connecting our customers to amazing experiences. In Nepal, we brought the International Student Identity Card (ISIC), cheaper flights to students and youth through our partnership with STA Travel. We are also behind the sites that let you book hotels and tours conveniently online.

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About Buddha Air

Buddha Air, founded in 1996, is the largest domestic airline in Nepal, and caters to most major destinations in Nepal. Their mountain flights utilize Beech 1900D, ATR 42-520 and ATR 72-500 aircraft, with a window seat for every passenger. The mountain flights have highly experienced pilots at the helm. The airline has a stated commitment to safety, reliability and comfort. Mountain Flight tickets are 133USD each.

Click here for more details about Buddha Air from the website.

About Yeti Airlines

Yeti Airlines flies to all major destinations in Nepal, and to remote destinations under its sister brand, Tara Air. Mountain flights through Yeti Airlines are on the Jetstream-41, a 30-seater turboprop aircraft that can easily cruise high altitudes. Highly experienced pilots will be in charge of your trip. The carrier aims to serve rural areas with no other connection to the outside world. Started 13 years ago, the company prides itself on its corporate social responsibility. Mountain Flight tickets are 199USD each.

Click here for more details about Yeti Airlines from the website.

About Simrik Air

Simrik Airlines is a relatively new addition to the list of airlines offering mountain flights. The carrier started services in 2013 and flies to Pokhara, Simara, and Bhairhawa (Lumbini). Although a recent addition, its daily mountain flights have been hugely popular. Mountain Flight tickets are 200USD each.

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